Happy New Year, Red Pills!

Happy New Year to all of you Red Pills.

We now reached 2017 - 8 years after the shut down and 12 years after the MxO Release.


As you might have seen is that Rajko made all the players of mxoemu.info a good new years present - a real good working hyperjump functionality (and as i see you have evade combat and hyperspeed working too).
As usual it is really realistic simulated. Like it was on the real old server.

Well this is good but some things made me sad about the mxoemu project. As in the past he got cool things done - but he didnt released this open source to the public. The last commit is 6 years ago.

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Yes it is up to his decision if he share or not. But we would run into the same problems as in the past as SOE hosted MxO. As long as SOE wants to run MxO everything is fine but if they pull the plug - we are fucked again.

I know rajko wants the "fame" about beeing the one who brings the cool things to MxO back - but holding this closed in this type of project is bad.

We will stay Open Source and try to commit as much as possible (and yes share all things that i can find on my HDD). Thats why i started the other repositories with Source Code Backups from MxOSource and so on - but there are still enough things that are not shared yet (just as i forgot).

Hardline Dreams 2017

Back to topic - i plan some cool things for 2017 for HDS (but cannot say if we reach this goals).

  • We want to create a Client Installer and Host a Testserver for playing on it.
  • Create a Guide for you "how to create your own testserver" (as i forgot this completly to tell you in the past and you may have problems to setup the source).
  • Releasing more of the tools to the public (i just saw that i forgot it)
  • Fix HyperJump (yeah we have just a buggy one implemented) and some Issues with the Close Combat Handler.
  • Fix the objects positions (as we got some mistake from parsing it with cortana - oh i should release cortana to the public btw too)

Hope some of these can happen 2017 and maybe more.
Stay healthy mates.

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