- Chat -

/t [name]     Tells a private message [aka whisper] to [name]
/tell [name]     Tells a private message [aka whisper] to [name]
/tc     Sends a message to Team Chat
/team     Sends a message to Team Chat
/fc     Sends a message to Faction Chat
/faction     Sends a message to Faction Chat
/say     Sends a message to Area Chat
/shout     Shouts a message heard by people in a larger radius than area chat
/e [action]     Places a message in system chat to denote an action other than a normal emote
/ca [name]     Adds player [name] to the Contact List
/cr [name]     Removes player [name] from the Contact List
/i [name]     Ignores messages from [name]
/safechat     Toggles the profanity filter
/logstart     Starts the chat log (available in the Profiles folder)
/logstop     Stops the chat log (new logs are appended to the original log file and do not replace it)
/afk     Toggles your character's away-from-keyboard flag and auto-replies to tells
/afk [message]       Toggles your AFK flag and replies to all tells with [message]

- Team Settings -

/lootrandom     Random team member receives the loot
/lootbylooter       Whoever loots a kill receives the loot
/lootbykill     Whoever killed the enemy receives the loot
/lootalpha     Looting is cycled through the team in alphabetical order
/disband     Disbands the team

- Utilities -

/commands     Displays a list of all commands
/ccr     Opens the bug report menu
/bug     Opens the bug report menu
/who     Displays the names, levels, and disciplines of up to fifty redpills in the immediate area
/who [text]     Displays player info for up to 50 nearby redpills with [text] in their handle, faction, or discipline
/who [number]     Displays the names, levels, and types of redpills at level [number]
/loc     Displays your current coordinates
/whereami     Displays detailed information about your location for bug reports
/version     Displays the current version of the game
/random     Generates a random number between 1 and 100
/random [number]     Generates a random number between 1 and [number]
/jackout     Exits the game
/exit     Exits the game
/quit     Exits the game
/suicide     Returns player to the Loading Area with all the consequences of death
/release     Sends player back to the Loading Area after death
/stuck     Moves player to another location if stuck
/time     Displays the current date and time
/reputation     Displays all three current organizational reputation scores
/play     Displays the total amount of time the player has spent in the game
/cq     Displays your total number of PvP kills
/details     Displays your character's profile
/getbackground     Displays your character's background story
/setbackground     Opens a window for altering your character's background story
/bits     Displays the amount of all 8 code bits available in code storage
/frags     Displays the amount of all code bits and fragments available in code storage
/addblip [name]     Marks the player's current location on the map with a marker named [name]
/removeblip [name]     Removes the blip called [name] from the map
/clearblips     Removes all blips from the map (untested)
/printsimulacra     Displays the current status of the player's simulacra
/netstats     Displays data such as ping, packets, loss-rate, and fps
/netstats 0     Removes the netstats display
/netstats off     Removes the netstats display
/addwaypoint [name]     Adds a waypoint to the location of another player [name]
/removewaypoint [name]     Removes a waypoint from [name]
/clearwaypoints     Removes all waypoints (untested)
/orgnames     Displays the organizational affiliations of other players by their handles
/hardline     Creates a waypoint at the closest synchronized hardline
/effects none     Turns off all visual and audio effects
/effects all     Turns on all visual and audio effects
/range     Displays the distance in meters to the selected target
/cancel     Stops all currently running macro commands
/savelo [name]     Saves the current ability loadout under [name]
/loadlo [name]     Loads the [name] ability loadout

- Interaction -

/invite     Invites the currently selected target onto the player's team
/invite [name]      Invites [name] onto the player's team
/follow     Causes the player to automatically follow the currently selected target
/face     Causes the player to face the currently selected target
/duel     Challenges the targeted player to a duel
/pvp     Activates organizational PvP for five minutes
/report     Reports the selected player for GPC abuse

- Radio -

/radio play [filename/URL]      Plays [filename/URL]
/radio fave [filename/URL]     Adds [filename/URL] to the Favorites list [accessible through the options button]
/radio next     Skips to the next track in the playlist
/radio prev     Returns to the previous track in the playlist


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