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Experimental Server Updates

Hello Redpills,
in the past monthes just a few bugfixes happened to the experimental Server.
But i plan to implement some new small features in the Server.

Also i want to fix this buggy hyperjump - but i am not sure if this will work as i expected.
If you have any feedback or what do you wish in future updates - please let me know.

Many greets

Experimental Server open

Welcome RedPills.
I am proud to annonce that i could keep my promise and open this Server.

From now on you are able to play on our hosted Hardline Dreams Server.
Just register for an account and download the Client Installer to get started.
You can start playing HERE.

Read our FAQ to figure out what works and what not.


HD Experiemental Server is coming

Hello Redpills,
as you may notice at the start of the year we plan to publish a public server where you can play.

Here is a little Status Update about that:
- I build a patcher and a custom client that you can install to connect to Hardline Dreams Server
- I builded also an Installer for that Client (this is done).
- Website Coding to register a player is nearly done (but you cannot login currently) so this is a task that needs to finish.
- Server Code : it has some issues and i must test the character creation progress etc.

However : you should notice that this will be an EXPERIMENTAL Server.
That means that you can expect many buggy things.

So i hope i can put it online in the next time.

Happy New Year, Red Pills!

Happy New Year to all of you Red Pills.

We now reached 2017 - 8 years after the shut down and 12 years after the MxO Release.


As you might have seen is that Rajko made all the players of a good new years present - a real good working hyperjump functionality (and as i see you have evade combat and hyperspeed working too).
As usual it is really realistic simulated. Like it was on the real old server.

Well this is good but some things made me sad about the mxoemu project. As in the past he got cool things done - but he didnt released this open source to the public. The last commit is 6 years ago.

    • mxo


Yes it is up to his decision if he share or not. But we would run into the same problems as in the past as SOE hosted MxO. As long as SOE wants to run MxO everything is fine but if they pull the plug - we are fucked again.

I know rajko wants the "fame" about beeing the one who brings the cool things to MxO back - but holding this closed in this type of project is bad.

We will stay Open Source and try to commit as much as possible (and yes share all things that i can find on my HDD). Thats why i started the other repositories with Source Code Backups from MxOSource and so on - but there are still enough things that are not shared yet (just as i forgot).

Hardline Dreams 2017

Back to topic - i plan some cool things for 2017 for HDS (but cannot say if we reach this goals).

  • We want to create a Client Installer and Host a Testserver for playing on it.
  • Create a Guide for you "how to create your own testserver" (as i forgot this completly to tell you in the past and you may have problems to setup the source).
  • Releasing more of the tools to the public (i just saw that i forgot it)
  • Fix HyperJump (yeah we have just a buggy one implemented) and some Issues with the Close Combat Handler.
  • Fix the objects positions (as we got some mistake from parsing it with cortana - oh i should release cortana to the public btw too)

Hope some of these can happen 2017 and maybe more.
Stay healthy mates.

MxO Github Repositories

In the last monthes i began to upload all MxO related stuff to github.

Stuff that was done by us, rajko, mxosoruce or someone other.

Why this ? I think it is a good idea to have a backup from MxO related stuff.
Also i think every information should be shared public to the internet.

I began some montehs ago with the packets - so you can find then all here splittet in 2 repositories.

Currently i am uploading MxOSource Codes which they had on a public SVN (which is unavailbe since some years lol)
Well more thinks will come as i find the time to upload it :) 

And yes updates on HDS Source will come too in the future^^

Development Changes

Here are some small news about the Development Status.
I am currently working again on some base engines things.

As we plan to support the current Client and the pre-CR2 client in the Code, we need to change some things in the code.
So a namespace will manage this currently.

Why this ? 
Well some things changes in this client Versions.
First the RPC Map doesnt match at all - but we can figure out how the right RPC Map is (this is partically done).

At next the Attribute List for the Object View Protocol "could" not match at the important objects.

For example the Attribute List for the "PlayerCharacter" dont have the Attribute "AFK" in the old Client. So just removing this and keep the same order was enough and Player is spawning properly.

However there are other things that changed a lot. For example staticObject World Ids for Doors for example sometimes doesnt match too.
Well this will be a hard part to "parse" as we currently dont know how to extract the PKB Files without an lta (old clients doesnt have the lta files just the normal rez files).

Our current plan is to develop on current client and then port the changes to the other client :)

We are still here

If someone asking whats going on - we are still alive and didnt forget about MxO.

Here are some news around the MxO Scene

MxOEmu goes Unreal Engine

If you followed the activity of mxoemu you should recognized that rajko set up a poll with the question "should MxO be remade in Unreal Engine 4 ?" .

Community voted for yes . As Rajko has exported every assets (as he told), he shouldnt have a problem to import them to Unreal.

We're looking forward whats going on there

Hardline Dreams Relaunch you can see we have a new Website.

It has many thinks and our new additional goal is to share ALL informations about MxO to the Public that currently exists.

In this case we post the name and url (if exists) of author too - so that you can see who has published the information.

Why this ?
In the past all Projects figured out much and the informations about this all disturbed all over the internet in some post of forums , in some wikis and so on.

So its hard to find this.
We want to make it easier to access this information for other peoples who want to develop a MxO Emulator.

Many Informations are still missing and is work in Progress.

If you want to become an Editor please pm Neo or Morpheus on the Forums.

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