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MxO Github Repositories

In the last monthes i began to upload all MxO related stuff to github. Stuff that was done by us, rajko, mxosoruce or someone other. Why this ? I think it is a good idea to have a backup from MxO related stuff. Also i think every information should be shared public to the internet. I began some montehs ago with the packets - so you can find then all here splittet in 2 repositories. https://github.com/hdneo/mxopackets1 https://github.com/hdneo/mxopackets2 Currently i am uploading MxOSource Codes which they had on a public SVN (which is unavailbe since some years lol) https://github.com/hdneo/mxosource Well…

Development Changes

Here are some small news about the Development Status. I am currently working again on some base engines things. As we plan to support the current Client and the pre-CR2 client in the Code, we need to change some things in the code. So a namespace will manage this currently. Why this ? Well some things changes in this client Versions. First the RPC Map doesnt match at all - but we can figure out how the right RPC Map is (this is partically done). At next the Attribute List for the Object View Protocol "could" not match at…

We are still here

If someone asking whats going on - we are still alive and didnt forget about MxO. Here are some news around the MxO Scene MxOEmu goes Unreal Engine If you followed the activity of mxoemu you should recognized that rajko set up a poll with the question "should MxO be remade in Unreal Engine 4 ?" . Community voted for yes . As Rajko has exported every assets (as he told), he shouldnt have a problem to import them to Unreal. We're looking forward whats going on there

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