This is the Players FAQ for Playing on Hardline Dreams Server

Q: What is this project about ?
A: This is the a Matrix Online Emulation Project. The first goal was to just code the server to have a playable version with server source code.
As many Players just want to play and dont want to setup his own server (what they can do when they want) we decided to start hosting something starting November 2017.

Q: How can i play ?
Just create a account here and download the Client Installer.

Q: Why you call it "Experimental Server" ?
I call it experimental as i dont know how stable it really works and i expect many bugs and crashes. So i just dont want to raise your expectation too high for that.
Also we launch experimental features.

Q: How is the progress so far ?
Currently is a little bit unstable. But the following features are implemented (if you want more details checkout our github page):

  • Load and Unload Abilities
  • Inventory to 80%
  • Vendors to 80% (you cannot sell and you wouldnt loose money when you but stuff - but you can buy stuff)
  • Teleporting through hardlines
  • Creating Character properly
  • Change Clothes
  • Mobs are walking around and you can defeat them with range combat mooves but its REALLY buggy state (also loot is not working correctly)
  • Many small things that i forgot
  • Hyperjump is really buggy so i wouldnt list it here :)

Q: Why you open the Gates in this early stage ?
A:  The Questions is "why not". I want to collect feedback as we build multiplayer functions but dont know if they really work. Also i want to test performance "native encrypt VS c++ dll encrypt" (i implemented both with interfaces).

Q: Is this still under active development ? 
A: Yep, since 2010 as we started this project i never gave up (and properly i will never give up until we reach a good state ). Please note that like Rajko we just spend our free spare time in this projects for no money - just for the MxO. Besides this i have a fulltime job, childs and developing some games in my spare time too.
And develop on HDS;) 

Q: Does hyperjump work ?
Uhm it works more wired - so not really like in rajkos mxoemu project.

Q: Does combat work ?
It works partically on mobs. You can fight with Viruses against mobs and defeat some but its really a simple implemenation.
Loot is working just partically (you get 5000 info every time but no items yet).
And you can enter close combat but there are no updates in movement :) Just for the fun.

Q: Do i really need to gain EXP and Info from Mob fighting? 
Yep you need currently. I think its more fun instead of "everyone is level 50". But you get some start abilities. Also you can change your loadout (but you cannot upload codebits and abilities...not yet :))

Q: What about Crews and Factions ?
Not working currently - but i started to implement them. You can send a Crew Invite Request to someone and he can answer it but it wouldnt join any crew. This is for lack of time but will come later maybe.

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