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Welcome RedPills. I am proud to annonce that i could keep my promise and open this Server. From now on you are able to play on our hosted Hardline Dreams Server. Just register for an account and download the Client Installer to get started. You can start playing HERE. Read our FAQ to figure out what works and what not.

HD Experiemental Server is coming

Hello Redpills, as you may notice at the start of the year we plan to publish a public server where you can play. Here is a little Status Update about that: - I build a patcher and a custom client that you can install to connect to Hardline Dreams Server - I builded also an Installer for that Client (this is done). - Website Coding to register a player is nearly done (but you cannot login currently) so this is a task that needs to finish. - Server Code : it has some issues and i must test the…

Happy New Year, Red Pills!

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Happy New Year to all of you Red Pills. We now reached 2017 - 8 years after the shut down and 12 years after the MxO Release. And WE ARE STILL HERE! As you might have seen is that Rajko made all the players of mxoemu.info a good new years present - a real good working hyperjump functionality (and as i see you have evade combat and hyperspeed working too). As usual it is really realistic simulated. Like it was on the real old server. Well this is good but some things made me sad about the mxoemu project.…

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